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Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
1754 East 55th Street     Cleveland, Ohio 44103
(216) 431-0447
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
Official Goals of Our Congregation (Adopted in 1991)
In order to provide an organized focus for the individuals as well as the various groups or ministries that comprise Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, four goals were officially voted on and adopted.  The four goals are:
I. Evangelism: (This implies an organized individual and collective effort to bring salvation to the unsaved.  It is a requirement for all followers of Jesus Christ as expressed in Matthew 28: 18-20.  This is often referred to as "The Great Commission".)

​II. Christian Nurture/Growth: (This includes an organized effort to spiritually strengthen our members through Bible study, christian education, counseling, fellowship and prayer.  These are described as practices of the New Testament Church in the Book of Acts.

III. Christian Service/Outreach: (This includes an organized effort to involve our members in the process of helping other people.  This is our missionary mandate described by Jesus, which should be an expression of our changed heart.  We must be concerned with, "The Least of These" - Matthew 25:34-46.)

IV. Worship and Praise: (This includes the practice of collective activity as we expess love, gratitude, honor as well as giving tribute and tithes to the Lord.  Singing, rejoicing, praying, paying tithe, and giving praise is described in the Psalms as practices included in worship.  Jesus modeled the behavior that He wanted us to continue with as He attended worship on a regular basis - Luke 4:16.  The New Testament Church expected the saints to assemble and worship on a regular basis.  Also, we find regular attendance for worship advised in Hebrews 10:25.

Can an individual truly be faithful to God if he/she ignores such bibical practices as described above?  Periodically, we must reflect on who and what we are?
"A Church in the Center of the City with Jesus in the Center of our Hearts"
"Doing life changing ministry in Cleveland, NE Ohio, and throughout the world!"